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What is Yoga Insurance?

Teaching yoga comes with certain inherent risks, including liability and property risks. It’s important for yogis in Massachusetts to protect themselves when possible, and yoga insurance can play an important role in a yogi’s protection.

Yoga insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed for yogis’ needs. Since yogis commonly face multiple risks, these policies are normally underwritten as package policies that have multiple protections.

Who in Massachusetts Should Have Yoga Instructor Insurance?

Most Massachusetts yoga studios and instructors should be covered by yoga instructor insurance, for either a studio or instructor may be held liable in the event of an injury or other covered claim.

Instructors who teach at studios may be covered by their studio’s policy while they’re working for the studio. Studio instructors should be aware that any studio-provided coverage likely won’t extend to instruction that’s given outside the studio’s official programs, and it may not provide all of the protection that an instructor would like. For these reasons, studio instructors might still want to purchase their own policy.

Instructors who teach independently of studios typically should consider purchasing their own policy, since they generally don’t have coverage through a studio.

Instructors who need help assessing their situation and coverage needs ought to speak with an insurance agent who specializes in yoga instructor insurance. A specialized agent will be able to review the specifics of a situation and make an informed policy recommendation.

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Yoga Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Should Yoga Instructors Look For?

The coverages that yoga instructor insurance policies provide can vary, but there are a few common protections that many policies make available. Some of the following may provide important protection:

Because studios and individual instructors often have significantly risk exposures and coverage needs, the exact protections that these and other available coverages offer can often be adjusted to suit a particular policyholder’s needs.

Do Yoga Instructor Policies Provide Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an important protection that generally covers workplace injuries. The coverage can be vital to employees if they’re injured on the job, and it’s often required if a business has employees.

Despite its importance, not all yoga instructor policies provide workers compensation. Some policies might, but many don’t. When it’s not included in a yoga instructor policy, the coverage can frequently be purchased by itself.

Yoga Insurance Massachusetts

How Expensive is Yoga Instructor Insurance?

While premiums for yoga instructor policies vary, they usually aren’t too expensive. Coverage is especially affordable when premiums are considered in light of what an incident could cost if no coverage were in place.

To find out precisely how much a policy would cost, studios and instructors can speak with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents aren’t linked to any one insurance company and therefore, can show quotes from multiple insurers.

How Can Yogis in Massachusetts Get Yoga Insurance?

For help finding yoga insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents can help you explore policy options from many insurers in the state, and we’ll work with you to determine which of the various options best meets your needs. With our assistance, you can be confident both that you’re well-protected and that your policy is competitively priced.

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