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What is Tree Service Insurance?

Working on trees comes with inherent risks, and it’s important to protect against those risks when possible. Tree service insurance won’t prevent something bad from occurring, but it may financially protect Massachusetts arborists in the event of a claim.

Tree service insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that uniquely address arborists’ coverage needs. Most of these policies come as package policies that have multiple coverages, which allows them to give arborists protection from a variety of potential risks.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Arborist Insurance?

Many tree-related businesses in Massachusetts can benefit from having an arborist insurance policy in place. This insurance can likely help protect businesses that offer any of the following services:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pest management
  • Tree removal
  • Municipal tree care
  • Hardscaping
  • Landscaping

Additionally, businesses normally should consider insurance regardless of their size. Both large and small businesses can face incidents that insurance may help protect against.

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Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Are Available Through Arborist Insurance Policies?

  • Most arborist insurance policies make a variety of coverage options available to businesses. Some of the more commonly chosen coverages are:

There are still more coverages that a policy may offer. An insurance agent who specializes in arborist insurance can review all of the coverages that are available.

Do Arborist Policies Offer Commercial Auto Coverage

Tree service businesses often need commercial auto coverage for their work vehicles, and this coverage normally is available through arborist policies. What type of commercial auto coverage a business needs can depend on what vehicles it uses, though. Different coverage may be required for personal vehicles, for rented vehicles and for company-owned vehicles. An agent can help sort through the various auto coverage options so that businesses end up with the protection they require.

Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts

Do Arborist Policies Offer Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation normally protects against workplace injuries that employees could sustain. The coverage is typically required by state law if a business has employees, and it’s usually wise to purchase regardless of legal requirement.

Whether arborist policies include workers compensation depends on the specifics of a given policy. Some policies do have it, while others don’t. If the coverage isn’t available within a policy, it can be readily acquired through a separate policy. An insurance agent can help find a separate policy.

Are Arborist Policies Expensive?

Arborist policies usually aren’t expensive, but premiums do vary because they’re dependent upon several factors. A business’ scope of work, size and location are merely some of the items that can impact a policy’s cost.

One of the easiest ways to find out how much insuring a particular tree service business will cost is to work with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents can request quotes from multiple insurance companies since they aren’t beholden to any one insurer, and they can help businesses compare available quotes after the quotes are obtained.

How Can Arborists in Massachusetts Get Tree Service Insurance?

For help insuring an arborist business that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents can show you quotes from several insurers that offer tree service insurance, and we’ll work with you to identify which policy option provides the coverages that your business needs.

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