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What is Plumbing Insurance?

The work that plumbers perform exposes them to a variety of potential risks, including both property and liability risks. Plumbing insurance helps protect plumbers in Massachusetts from may of the perils they face.

Plumbing insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that’s specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of plumbers. Most policies are written as package policies, combining several coverages together to create a robust network of protections.

Who in Massachusetts is Plumbers Insurance Right For?

Most individuals and businesses that offer plumbing services in Massachusetts ought to carry at least some plumbers insurance coverage. This includes (but isn’t limited to) sole proprietors, residential plumbing companies and commercial plumbing companies. These businesses are commonly exposed to potential risks, and a plumbers policy is generally the best way to protect against those risks.

In addition to traditional plumbing businesses, other businesses that deal with plumbing issues might want this type of insurance. For instance, septic tank installers, pipe fitters, home builders, home remodelers and general contractors may all benefit from the protections afforded by a policy.

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Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Plumbers Insurance Policies Include?

Plumbers and businesses frequently are able to customize the exact coverages included in their plumbers insurance policies, so the exact coverages included in any particular policy can vary. Nonetheless, there are several coverages that policies commonly make available as either standard or available protections:

In addition to these, there are many other coverages that plumbers might want to consider. For example, a business might also benefit from business interruption coveragecyber liability coverage and any number of other options. An insurance agent who specializes in plumbers insurance can help make coverage selections based on a particular business’ situation.

Do Plumbing Policies Include Workers Compensation?

Plumbing policies normally don’t include workers compensation coverage, which normally protects employees from job-related illnesses and injuries. Businesses that need this coverage typically must purchase it separately, but an insurance agent who’s familiar with plumbing policies can likely also assist with workers compensation.

How Much Do Plumbing Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many different factors when setting rates for plumbing policies. Some of the items they frequently take into account include:

  • Where a plumbing business is headquartered
  • What region a business serves
  • What type of plumbing a business does
  • What equipment a business owns and uses
  • What deductibles, limits and coverages a business chooses
  • Whether a business has a history of filing insurance claims

To get an accurate idea of how much a plumbing policy would cost, businesses should talk with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to get quotes for policies from multiple insurers, which makes it easy to find out how much each company would charge for a particular set of coverages.

Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Plumbing Insurance?

If your business needs a plumbing policy, contact the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies. Our agents have assisted many Massachusetts businesses that needed plumbing insurance, and they have the expertise necessary to make sure you select a policy that will properly protect your plumbing business.

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