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What is Food Truck Insurance?

Food trucks can be profitable and fun businesses to run, but owners do need to consider what could happen in the event of a disaster or lawsuit. These businesses are exposed to a number of property and liability risks, and they should be protected from such risks whenever it’s possible to do so. Food truck insurance policies help owners of food trucks in Massachusetts shield their businesses from many potential risks.

Food truck insurance is a specialized kind of commercial insurance that meets the unique needs of food trucks. In order to shield trucks from multiple risks, most policies come as package policies and have several coverages within them.

What Massachusetts Businesses Can Benefit from Having Food Cart Insurance?

The vast majority of mobile food businesses in Massachusetts may benefit from the protections that a food cart insurance policy offers. Depending on a business’ specific situation, this may include:

  • Traditional food trucks and trailers
  • Ice cream trucks and tricycles
  • Hamburger and hot dog carts
  • Festival and fair concessionaires

While these policies are broadly useful for food trucks and carts, they often aren’t quite right for restaurants and caterers. These businesses tend to have slightly different coverage needs, and those different needs often are better met by a restaurant- or caterer-specific policy.

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Food Truck Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Are Available Through Food Cart Insurance?

The precise list of coverages that food car insurance policies make available can vary, but there are many protections that policies commonly offer. Some of these common protections are:

An insurance agent who specializes in these commercial policies can help food trucks select the coverages that make sense for their situation. Some trucks may want coverages in addition to those mentioned here.

Should Cart- and Tricycle-Based Food Businesses Have Food Cart Insurance?

Food carts and tricycles may not be exposed to the same auto-related risks as actual food trucks, but these businesses normally have other coverage needs. A food cart policy is often still the best way to get these businesses the insurance coverages they need. Most policies let food cart and tricycle owners forgo the commercial vehicle coverage if they don’t own an actual truck.

How Much Does a Food Truck Policy Cost?

There’s no one answer to how much a food cart policy costs, for policies’ premiums are based on numerous variables. A few factors that will often influence how much a business pays include:

  • Where the business serves food
  • What the business’ annual sales are
  • What type of food or drink the business offers
  • What sort of vehicle the business has
  • What limits, deductibles and coverages the business chooses

Even with variance being common among policies’ premiums, however, these policies tend to be fairly affordable and fit within food trucks’ budgets.

Food Truck Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Food Trucks in Massachusetts Get Quotes for Food Truck Insurance?

If you have a food truck or similar business to insure, contact the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies. Our agents can help you compare policy quotes from multiple insurance companies in Massachusetts, and through the comparison process they can help you select the best available food truck insurance policy.

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