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What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Running a trucking company can be a profitable endeavor, but this type of business requires a sizeable capital investment and comes with substantial risk. From accidents to vandalism, companies need to protect themselves against liability, property and other potential perils. Commercial trucking insurance helps Massachusetts trucking companies shield themselves from a range of covered risks that they face.

Commercial trucking insurance is a specialized form of commercial vehicle insurance that’s designed to meet the needs of trucking companies. The policies take into account the miles that companies’ drivers cover and the equipment that companies operate, and they generally offer many coverages and high available limits so they can provide robust protection.

What Businesses in Massachusetts is Commercial Truck Insurance Right For?

The majority of trucking companies in Massachusetts need commercial truck insurance, for insurance is generally required by state law whenever vehicles are driven on public roads. While there are other auto policies that might meet the state’s minimum coverage requirements, commercial truck policies tend to be the most suitable for trucking companies.

Moreover, commercial truck policies can be adapted to meet the needs of many different trucking companies in the state. Some specific companies that may want this type of policy are:

  • Freight transporters that operate semis or box trucks
  • Waste removal businesses that operate garbage and recycling trucks
  • Moving companies that operate semis or box trucks
  • Delivery companies that operate box trucks or commercial vans
  • Contractors that operate box trucks, pickups or commercial vans

Any other business that operates one or more commercially licensed trucks might also need a commercial truck insurance policy.

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Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Do Commercial Truck Insurance Policies Come With?

The commercial truck insurance policies offered in Massachusetts generally meet the state’s minimum coverage requirements, and many policies offer additional protection. Most companies get one of these policies that have additional protection so they’re better shielded from potential perils.

A few of the main protections trucking companies normally look for in a policy include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage, which may cover damage that a company’s truck sustains
  • Unidentified Trailer Coverage, which may cover damage that a non-owned trailer sustains
  • Trailer Cargo Coverage, which may cover damage that cargo in a truck or trailer sustains
  • Liability Coverage, which may cover accidents resulting in others’ injuries or damage to their property
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents that improperly insured drivers cause

What is Trailer Cargo Coverage?

While trucking policies frequently adjust these coverages to suit a commercial trucking company’s needs, trailer cargo coverage is a particularly specialized protection. It’s normally not included in other types of commercial vehicle insurance policies. The coverage usually covers a trailer’s cargo against both loss and damage, subject to a policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions.

In many commercial trucking policies, trailer cargo coverage is adapted to protect a particular class of cargo. When selecting a policy, companies should work with a knowledgeable agent to make sure their chosen policy’s cargo coverage is adapted to the type of cargo they haul.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Trucking Companies Find Good Commercial Trucking Insurance?

For help insuring a trucking company that’s based in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents have the ability to show you policy options from multiple insurance companies since they’re independent, and they additionally have the expertise needed to help you select the right policy option for your business. With their assistance, you can be confident that the commercial trucking insurance you choose keeps your company well protected.

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