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What is house cleaning insurance? 

Cleaning residential homes can be good work, but it’s not without some risks. Damaging clients’ property, causing car accidents, and having equipment stolen are just some of the risks that residential cleaners must consider. Purchasing house cleaning insurance is one way that residential cleaners in Massachusetts can help protect themselves against various risks.

House cleaning insurance provides tailor-made coverage for residential cleaning services. Policies usually help protect against liability lawsuits and property loss, among other risks.

What Massachusetts businesses is home cleaning insurance for?

Home cleaning insurance could help protect most businesses that offer residential cleaning services in Massachusetts. Both individual cleaners and businesses can get policies.

Not carrying adequate coverage can leave an individual or business exposed to risks that their ill-equipped to financially manage.

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House Cleaning Insurance Massachusetts

Is insurance needed for cleaning houses of family and friends?

When cleaning a family member or friend’s house, whether a proper home cleaning insurance policy is needed depends largely on whether the cleaning is paid for.

Cleaning others’ homes typically doesn’t require commercial insurance if no money (or other compensation) is paid. If something happened, cleaning as a favor for a family member or friend would likely be covered by a homeowners or renters policy’s personal liability coverage.

If the family member or friend pays for the cleaning, however, then the service may require a home cleaning insurance policy. Standard personal liability coverage usually doesn’t cover commercial activity, which this would likely be since money exchanges hands. The same is generally true if some other payment in kind is made.

What kind of coverages are offered by house cleaning policies?

Home cleaning policies are able to provide multiple protections because they normally come with multiple coverages. Some of the coverages that a policy might offer are:

Do house cleaners need to have commercial auto insurance?

Whether commercial auto insurance is needed depends on the vehicle that a cleaner uses, and on the particulars of their personal auto insurance policy.

A commercial policy is usually needed when a commercial registered vehicle that the business owns, such as a work van, is used. Personal auto policies normally can’t insure commercially registered vehicles.

If a personal vehicle is being used, then a commercial auto policy probably isn’t required.

Many personal auto policies can cover basic work driving, such as going to and from clients’ homes. Coverage may be included as a standard protection, or available through an optional endorsement.

In the few cases where a personal auto policy doesn’t offer sufficient coverage for a personal vehicle being driven when working, a commercial auto policy might be needed.

An insurance gent who specializes in home cleaning insurance can help cleaners make sure their vehicles are properly insured.

House Cleaning Insurance Massachusetts

How much do residential cleaners pay for insurance?

The cost of home cleaning policies can vary, as a policyholder’s location, services, vehicle(s) and other factors impact premium calculations. These policies tend to be quite affordable, however. An independent insurance agent can check quotes from different insurers to find out how much coverage in a specific situation will cost.

How can residential cleaners in Massachusetts get house cleaning insurance? 

If you clean houses in Massachusetts and don’t have good insurance in place, reach out to the independent agents at The Feingold Companies. We’ll make sure you find house cleaning insurance that’ll protect you and your business well.

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