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What Are Malpractice Insurance Policies?

Professionals who possess a specific skill are expected to apply their skill correctly when hired by a client, customer or patient. If the make an error, they may find themselves facing a liability claim or lawsuit. Malpractice insurance policies help protect professionals in Worcester, MA from covered claims and suits that are filed over alleged mistakes.

Malpractice insurance policies are specialized professional liability insurance policies. They typically provide coverage for liability claims and lawsuits that accuse a professional of making a mistake in their work. (Particular coverages vary from policy to policy.)

Do Employers in Massachusetts Offer Malpractice Liability Insurance?

Many Massachusetts companies that employ professionals have malpractice liability insurance, but their coverage doesn’t always provide employees with adequate protection. While some company’s policies do provide employees with sufficient coverage, there are several situations where employees don’t have enough coverage and may want to get their own policy.

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For example, a company’s policy may:

  • Only protect the company, and not employees
  • Offer employees coverage, but not as much as they’d like
  • Only cover employees when they’re working for the company

The final situation, where a company’s policy only covers employees when they’re completing work for the company, is common — and it can leave employees dangerously unprotected at times. If a company’s policy limits coverage to company-related projects and work, it normally won’t cover any mistakes that are made while doing consulting or charitable work.

Who in Worcester, MA Can Benefit from Malpractice Liability Insurance?

Many professionals in Worcester, MA who are trained in a particular skill should consider getting malpractice liability insurance. Just a few examples of professionals who might benefit from the protections that these policies can provide include:

  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • Plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople
  • Engineers (of all kinds)
  • Estheticians and other cosmetology professionals
  • Certified public accountants and other accounting professionals
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What Are Claims-Made, Occurrence and Modified Occurrence Policies?

Malpractice policies can be categorized into three groups: claims-made, occurrence and modified occurrence policies. The difference between these groups is what claims they cover.

Claims-made policies generally only cover incidents if they both occur and are reported within the policy’s effective period. An incident that occurred before the effective period or was reported afterward often isn’t covered under a standard claims-made policy. (These policies may have an option to purchase “tail coverage,” which is typically an optional coverage that extends the window for reporting claims beyond the end of the policy’s effective period. If this coverage isn’t selected, though, usually only claims filed within the effective period are covered.)

Occurrence policies normally extend the reporting period beyond the end of the policy’s effective period. They’ll typically cover incidents that occur during the policy’s effective period even if they aren’t first reported during the effective period. There often is a limit on how long after the effective period’s end an incident can be reported, though.

Modified occurrence policies usually combine features of claims-made and occurrence policies to offer robust coverage terms. These policies frequently come with tail coverage included, so they’ll normally cover claims that are reported after the policy’s effective period expires. Additionally, unlimited tail coverage is often available as an optional protection for professionals who could be liable for incidents that don’t have any statute of limitations.

How Can Professionals in Worcester, MA Get Quotes for Malpractice Insurance?

Professionals in Worcester, MA who’d like quotes for malpractice insurance should contact an independent insurance agent who’s licensed in Massachusetts. An independent agent can help professionals determine what type of malpractice liability insurance policy they should look for, and an agent can request quotes for such a policy from several insurers in the state.

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