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What is Coffee Shop Insurance?

Many baristas dream of opening cafes, but their dream can become a nightmare if the right protections aren’t in place. Coffee shop insurance can help shield Massachusetts cafes from a variety of expensive claims.

Coffee shop insurance policies are specialized commercial policies for cafes. Most policies come as package policies that provide both property and liability provisions.

What Massachusetts businesses is cafe insurance for?

Most Massachusetts coffee shops, cafes and similar businesses can benefit from the protections that cafe insurance provides. Bakeries, bistros, delis and ethnic cafes might all want this insurance.

An insurance agent who knows these businesses well can help them determine whether cafe insurance or another insurance is better for their situation. Some businesses might need a slightly different food truck or restaurant insurance policy, but cafe policies tend to work well for many of these businesses.

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Coffee Shop Insurance Massachusetts

What protections do cafe insurance policies make available?

Cafe policies can provide many different coverages, including both property coverages and liability coverages. The coverages work together to provide coffee shops with robust protections.

Some of the more noteworthy property coverages that coffee shops often get include:

  • Building Coveragewhich might cover a cafe-owned building or other structure
  • Tenants Betterments Coverage, which might cover installations in a leased cafe space
  • Contents Coverage, which might cover espresso machines, small wares, decor and more
  • Equipment Breakdown Coveragewhich might cover espresso and coffee machines against malfunctions

Some of the more noteworthy liability coverages that coffee shops frequently select include:

Depending on a coffee shop’s situation, it could also need commercial auto coverageemployment practices liability coveragecyber liability coverage, or any number of others. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help coffee shops review all of the available options.

Is liquor liability coverage available through cafe insurance policies?

While liquor liability coverage isn’t a standard feature of all cafe policies, it usually can be selected as an optional feature. Coffee shops that serve alcohol normally need liquor liability coverage in order to secure a liquor license. In the event of a claim, the liability coverage could insulate against a large insurance claim.

How much are premiums for Coffee Shop policies?

Premiums for coffee shop policies can vary, but they tend to be affordable considering their coverage provisions. Some of the specific details that can impact a cafe’s insurance rates include the cafe’s:

  • Location
  • Building size
  • Annual sales
  • Past claims history

Of course, chosen coverages impact rates too. Cafes that need commercial auto and/or liquor liability coverage have to pay the additional premiums for those.

Cafes can easily research how much they’ll have to pay for insurance by working with an independent insurance agent. Whereas captive agents usually are obligated to favor a particular insurance company, independent agents are under no such obligation. They’re able to recommend the best policies, based on coverages and costs, regardless of what insurance company is offering those policies.

Coffee Shop Insurance Massachusetts

How can cafes in Massachusetts get Coffee Shop Insurance?

If you need help insuring a Massachusetts cafe, contact the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies. Our agents have worked with many coffee shops and similar businesses, and we have the expertise necessary to make sure your cafe has the right coffee shop insurance in place. With our assistance, you can have confidence that your cafe is well protected.

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