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What is Snow Plowing Insurance?

Clearing snow can be profitable seasonal work, but it comes with some risks. Snow removal companies are exposed to liability risks, property risks and other types of perils. Snow plowing insurance helps financially protect Massachusetts snow removal companies from many of the risks they’re exposed to.

Snow plowing insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s been specially crafted for snow removal companies. In order to provide these companies with the robust protections they need, policies are usually underwritten as package policies that bring multiple coverages together and companies often have the option to adjust the coverages that are contained within their particular policy.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need a Snow Plow Insurance Policy?

In general, the majority of Massachusetts businesses that provide snow removal services need a snow plow policy. This can include:

  • Residential snow removal businesses
  • Commercial snow removal businesses
  • Landscapers that do snow removal during winter
  • Owners of pickup trucks who plow driveways by themselves

Without a snow plow policy, these businesses could be dangerously exposed to major risks. Just one accident could or other incident could have devastating consequences that permanently ruin a business.

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Snow Plowing Insurance Massachusetts

Do Owners of Pickup Trucks Who Plow Neighbors’ Driveways Need Snow Plow Insurance?

Whether someone who’s removing snow needs a commercial snow plow insurance policy usually depends on what the formal arrangement is. If the snow is removed as a kind gesture and no compensation is provided in exchange for the service, then commercial insurance normally isn’t necessary. If money or other compensation is provided, however, a snow plow policy probably is required even if the relationship between the two parties is close.

Thus, owners of pickup trucks who plow neighbors’ driveways just to be nice typically don’t need to purchase a snow plow policy. Those who charge their neighbors for the service might need a policy, though.

What Protections Do Snow Plow Insurance Policies Come With?

The exact coverages that snow plow policies provide can vary from one policy to the next, but there are a few coverages that policies commonly offer as available or standard protections. For example, lots of policies have:

Each of these coverages (and all other coverages offered) ought to be reviewed in detail when selecting a snow plow policy. The auto coverage, however, is especially important. Snow removal companies are regularly sending drivers out at dark hours and in inclement weather, both of which increase the risk of an accident. Therefore, it’s companies generally should take extra care to make sure robust auto coverage is in place.

Snow Plowing Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Snow Plow Policies Cost?

Premiums for snow plow policies are dependent on many factors, so the rates that different companies pay for coverage vary. Everything from a company’s equipment and services to its location and claims history can have an effect on price.

Even with variance in premiums, though, most snow plow policies are affordable. They’re almost certainly more affordable than facing a major catastrophe without any insurance protection in place.

How Can Snow Removal Companies in Massachusetts Get Snow Plowing Insurance?

For help getting snow plowing insurance, contact the independent insurance agents of The Feingold Companies. Our agents have worked with many snow removal companies in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select a robust policy that meets your company’s needs.

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