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What is Painters Insurance?

Painting homes and other buildings can be profitable work, but getting a patining business started takes some investment. The resources that are poured into a painting business should be protected whenever possible, and that’s what painters insurance is for. Painters policies help professional painters in Massachusetts protect themselves and their businesses from an array of covered risks.

Painters insurance is a type of commercial insurance that’s specifically crafted to meet the needs of professional painters. Painters policies typically are package policies that come with several coverages, and painters often can adjust the coverages included in their particular painting insruance policy.

What Massachusetts Businesses Can Benefit from Having a Painting Insurance Policy?

Most professional painters in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that a patiners insurance policy affords. For example, all of the following people and businesses might be interested in this insurance:

  • Residential painting companies
  • Commercial painting companies
  • Self-employed painters who work part- or full-time
  • People who paint occasionally for extra income

In some cases, painters may even find that they can get certain jobs without an insurance policy in place. A number of homeowners and businesses will only hire painters who can furnish a certificate of insurance, which is a document that shows a business is insured.

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Painters Insurance Massachusetts

Should Nonprofits That Paint Homes and Buildings Carry Painting Insurance?

Nonprofit organizations that take on a single painting project might not need a distinct painting insurance policy, but any organization that regularly paints homes of people in need or decrepit buildings should probably consider getting a policy. Whether a painting or other type of commercial policy is appropriate in these latter situations depends on precisely what services an organization provides and what other insurance policies the organization already has.

What Protections Are Included in Painters Policies?

As mentioned, there are several protections that a painters policy might include. Some of the more frequently offered coverages are:

Do Painters Who Drive a Car for Personal and Work Use Need Commercial Auto Coverage?

When a personal vehicle is used for both personal and work driving, properly insuring the vehicle requires both considering the exact usage and looking over the available insurance policies. A personal auto policy can be adjusted to provide adequate protection at times, but commercial auto coverage is sometimes required if a personal policy doesn’t have all the necessary protections.

Painters who use a single vehicle for personal and work driving can get help sorting out their insurance coverage needs by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in painters policies. A specialized agent will be able to analyze a situation and multiple policy options to make sure any vehicle used is fully covered.

Painters Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Painters in Massachusetts Get Painters Insurance?

For help finding painters insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies. Since our agents are independent, they have the freedom needed to show you policy options from many insurance companies in the state. Since they’re experienced, you can trust them to help you decipher which policy is best for your situation. With our help, you can be confident that you’re well protected by your chosen painters policy.

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