Sutton, Massachusetts is a town of nearly 9,000 people located in Worcester County. It covers nearly 34 square miles, with 1.5 square miles of water within the town limits. It is surrounded by Millbury, Grafton, Northbridge, Douglas, Uxbridge, and Oxford.

The town is divided into five distinct villages: Sutton Center, Wilkinsonville, West Sutton, South Sutton, and Manchaug.

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There are a variety of natural and recreational points of interest in town, including:

  • Lake Singletary
  • Purgatory Chasm
  • Blackstone Valley National
  • Manchaug Pond
  • Sutton Forest
  • Pleasant Valley Golf
  • Blackstone River
  • Merril Pond

Residents and visitors can enjoy the town beach, fishing, camping, kayaking, golf, hiking, and more. Sutton is a Tree City with a commitment to maintaining nature.


Sutton was once home to the Nipmuc Native American tribe, a tribe that called much of central Massachusetts home. The land was purchased from the tribe in 1704, leading to its settlement by Europeans in 1716. When Sutton was first incorporated, it was only 8 square miles. It would acquire more land later.

One famous piece of town history is an event that occurred in the first winter of settlement. The harsh winter had heavy snowfalls, deep enough to fully cover the newly built cabins, trapping the settlers inside. Fortunately, a Nipmuc man saw the smoke rising from the chimney, shouted down, and helped the families survive that first brutal winter.

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Sutton, like many similar towns, has a strong history in both agriculture and manufacturing. Farms and orchards thrived throughout the 1700 and 1800s, and three large mills were constructed. Today, there are still some farms and agricultural businesses, while other businesses, including the historic Eaton Farm Confections candy manufacturer, call Sutton home.


One of the most popular destinations with Sutton and central Massachusetts Is Purgatory Chasm. Maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation, this natural wonder dates back to the last Ice age. For ¼ mile, a 70-foot deep chasm rises above the trail, with precipices and caves to explore. The one-mile hiking trail is popular for hikers and families looking to explore and picnic.

On the western side of town is the Merril Pond State Reservation. Here you can find a string of ponds with quiet hiking trails. It is the site of the first scientifically monitored fish hatchery, opening in 1921. Prior to this, the land had been taken up by cranberry bogs. The fish hatchery closed in the 1960s, but still provides a scenic and relaxing place for Sutton residents and visitors of all ages.

Sutton is home to many natural wonders, attracting visitors from across Massachusetts. With a proud history, strong businesses, and stunning scenery, this town has much to offer its residents and visitors year-round.

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