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What is High Value Home Insurance?

For most Worcester, MA homeowners, standard homeowners insurance policies offer plenty of coverage options. Residents who have particularly expensive houses, however, might need more protection than standard policies afford. High value home insurance offers additional protections that are designed to meet the unique insurance needs of homeowners who have expensive homes.

High value home insurance policies are specialized homeowners policies that are specifically designed for people who have expensive homes. Most high value policies offer enhanced protections for the insured house, policyholder’s belongings, and policyholder.

Who in Worcester, MA Should Consider Getting High Value Homeowners Insurance?

High value homeowners insurance policies are designed for homeowners whose houses are worth a lot, but there’s not an industry-wide definition of what qualifies as “high value.” Some insurance providers offer high value policies for houses worth $300,000, while other insurers only provide high value policies for homes worth a minimum of $750,000 or $1 million.

High Value Home Insurance (Worcester)

Since insurers define “high-value” differently, any Worcester, MA homeowner who would like the additional coverages that high value policies provide should request quotes from several insurers in the state. Homeowners stand a decent chance of finding at least one insurance provider that’ll give them a high value policy, and they may find several companies that will offer policies.

What Coverages Are Available Through High Value Homeowners Insurance Policies?

As mentioned, high value homeowners insurance policies generally include many of the coverages that are found in standard homeowners policies. For example, both standard and high value policies may provide:

  • Dwelling Coverage, which generally protects the insured house
  • Other Structures Coverage, which often adds protection for detached garages, gazebos, sheds, and similar structures
  • Liability Coverage, which may provide protection from lawsuits that accuse the policyholder of causing property damage or personal injury
  • Personal Property Coverage, which usually safeguards a policyholder’s belongings

Along with these common protections, high value policies may include quite a few other protections. Examples of additional coverages a high value policy might offer are:

  • Living Expenses Coverage, which may help pay for other accommodations if a home is destroyed in a covered incident
  • Sewer Backup Coverage, which typically provides protection against plumbing backups and similar issues
  • Coverage for Rebuilding to Code, which may help pay for improvements that are necessary to bring a building up to code after it’s destroyed in a covered incident
  • Coverage for Refrigerated Food, which might pay to replace food that spoils during or immediately after a covered incident

(Technically, these coverages could also be found in standard policies. They’re less likely to be offered in a standard policy, though. Additionally, when they are, they’re frequently optional coverages and purchasing them usually increases the policy’s premiums.)

Are High Value Homeowners Insurance Policies Expensive?

Since high value homeowners policies tend to provide more robust protection than standard homeowners policies, high value policies frequently cost more. For homeowners who want or need the extra protections that these policies offer, however, the price is worth the peace of mind that comes with being properly protected.

How Can Worcester, MA Homeowners Request Quotes for High Value Home Insurance?

The easiest way to request quotes for high value home insurance is by contacting an independent insurance agent. Because an independent agent isn’t obligated to promote a specific insurance company, they can request quotes from many insurers offering policies in Worcester, MA. Moreover, the process takes them just minutes. There are qualified independent agents located throughout the state who are ready to help homeowners of valuable homes.

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