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Contractors are exposed to a number of potential risks during their careers. Vandalized equipment and lawsuits filed by disgruntled clients are just a couple of issues that could jeopardize a contracting company’s financial viability if the company isn’t adequately insured. Contractors insurance can help protect contractors working in Worcester, Massachusetts from these and other perils that they face.

What Are Contractors Insurance Policies?

Contractors insurance policies are business insurance policies that have been designed to meet the needs of contractors. They’re generally package policies and contain several individual coverages. The individual coverages in a particular policy can typically be customized for a specific contractor’s situation.

Who in Massachusetts Should Have a Contractors Policy?

Contractors insurance isn’t just for general contractors, although most general contractors should consider getting coverage. Any tradespeople in Worcester, MA who own their own business or work as independent contractors may benefit from the protections that these policies provide. Handymen, painters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and carpenters may all want to procure a contractors policy, in addition to many other types of profession.

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Additionally, contractors who aren’t located in Massachusetts but who have projects within the state may need to adjust their insurance policies. For, laws vary from state to state, and an insurance policy written for doing work in one state may not provide the same protections in a different state. An agent who’s licensed in Massachusetts can help contractors in other states review their insurance policies and make sure they cover work done in Massachusetts.

What Coverages Are Included in Contractors Policies?

Because contractors in different trades have different insurance needs, the coverages included in contractors policies vary. Nonetheless, there are common coverages that many policies have, such as:

  • Contractors Liability Insurance, which may offer protection against a variety of potential lawsuits
  • Contractor Equipment Insurance, which typically protects a contractor’s equipment
  • Equipment Leased or Rented From Others Insurance, which may extend coverage to equipment that a contractor rents or leases
  • Inland Marine Insurance, which is often used to insure equipment while it’s being transported to and from job sites
  • Commercial Auto Insurance, which contractors who have company vehicles are normally required by state law to carry

How Can Worcester, MA Contractors Get Certificates of Insurance?

Certificates of Insurance are frequently used by contractors to prove they’re properly insured. A potential client might ask to see a contractor’s certificate before hiring them, and many cities and towns ask for certificates in their permit application materials.

Contractors are usually sent a Certificate of Insurance when they purchase a policy, and they can use this original to create copies for potential clients, cities, and towns. Contractors who need to replace a lost or destroyed certificate can contact their insurance agent for assistance. Their agent should be able to procure a new certificate.

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Are Employee Injuries Covered by Contractors Liability Insurance?

Contractors liability insurance may cover injuries that contractors cause to others, but it doesn’t normally insure against injuries that contractors or their employees sustain while working. On-the-job injuries are typically covered by workers compensation insurance, which usually must be purchased separately from contractors liability insurance.

How Can Contractors Working in Worcester, MA Get Contractors Policies?

Any contractors who need help finding contractors insurance for projects in Worcester, MA should contact an independent insurance agent in the state. An agent can both review a contractor’s particular insurance needs and help them find a policy that will meet those needs.

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