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Businesses face risk every day. The potential for property damage from storms, theft, customer injuries, and lawsuits are always present for businesses both large and small. However, many small businesses in Worcester, MA do not purchase adequate insurance for their protection, leaving them vulnerable. A business owners policy (BOP) is designed to meet the insurance needs of a small business in one convenient and affordable package.

What’s Included in a Business Owners Policy?

A BOP is a standard package policy consisting of the most needed insurance coverage for a small business in a specific industry. A basic BOP begins with two types of coverage:

  • General Liability Insurance to help protect your business from lawsuit expenses and medical bills if a customer is injured on your property or your business causes damages to a third party.
  • Property Insurance to help cover your office structure and space, furniture, equipment, and other items in case of fire, storm damage, theft, or other events.

With these coverages in place, your business is protected from the most common risks faced by Worcester, MA small businesses. From here, a BOP can be customized to meet the needs of your business and industry.

Business Owners Policy

What Types of Coverage Can be Added?

Depending on your industry and needs, you can add a variety of policies to your BOP for more comprehensive protection. Some types of coverages you may be able to add include:

Some carriers have pre-designed packages for specific industries to help get you started. Your insurance agent can help determine what other policies may be able to add to your policy to protect your business.

Will a BOP Cover All My Insurance Needs?

For some small businesses without employees, BOP insurance may be all you need to cover your business. However, Worcester, MA business owners must be aware of the state requirements regarding insurance, and you may need to purchase additional policies outside of a business owners policy.

These policies cannot be added to a BOP and must be purchased separately if your business requires them. Similarly, benefit insurances, such as health and disability coverage, are not part of a BOP.

Business Owners Policy

Who Needs BOP Insurance?

Experts recommend that all Worcester, MA businesses purchase commercial insurance to protect your finances against the many risks your business faces each day. BOP insurance is designed specifically for small businesses with standard risks for their industries.

If you own a small business, you may qualify for BOP insurance. Purchasing the necessary coverages as part of a package policy can reduce your premium costs and make your insurance more convenient. You may also have more comprehensive coverage without dangerous gaps in your insurance when you have BOP insurance.

Small businesses in Worcester, MA face risks from severe storms, wind damage, fire, theft, lawsuits, and other risks. A business owners policy allows you to purchase the major policies you need in one convenient package at an affordable price.

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