Jewelry is a prized possession, and that’s why taking the proper steps to protect jewelry will keep your collection in quality condition for years – even decades – to come. For expensive jewelry, the best recommendation we can provide is to have your collection insured. However, there are other ways to prevent your jewelry from being damaged, lost, or stolen. Here are some considerations for protecting your jewelry collection.

Properly Store and Organize Jewelry

Storing and organizing jewelry will help you manage your jewelry collection. There are many jewelry storage options out there, but not all of them may be the right option for your collection. Consider using a jewelry box that will protect it from damage. A few ideas on jewelry storage that will help protect is a box with a soft liner – this will help prevent chipping and other forms of damage. For instance, Gold is prone to be scratched easily, and storing in a storage unit with a soft liner can prevent this.

Properly Protect Jewelry While Traveling

For special occasions like engagements, honeymoons, or anniversaries, you may find yourself traveling with jewelry. If you travel with expensive jewelry (for instance, an engagement ring), there are specific ways to protect jewelry during your trip. Pack your jewelry very carefully, and consider purchasing a jewelry roll, travel case, or pouches. Be sure to conceal jewelry in questionable areas, and consider asking hotels if they have a safe to store your jewelry.

Protect Jewelry From Home Theft

For valuable jewelry worn rarely, consider getting a collection safe to store away the jewelry properly. Be sure to choose a concealed spot in your home to put the safe. If you don’t have a safe, the next best way to protect the jewelry from theft is to hide it in a creative place. Beyond that, it’s best to keep your home secure from break-ins. Finally, it’s best to take a regular inventory of your jewelry collection.

Store Valuable Jewelry Separately From Other Pieces

When it comes to storing fine jewelry, consider storing your high-value pieces of jewelry like diamonds and gemstones, separately from other pieces in your collection. Storing fine jewelry separately will help keep your collection in better condition for longer. It can prevent them from tarnishing or being scratched if it’s stored with other jewelry pieces.

Temperature & Environment Matters

Wherever you store your jewelry, just know that the temperature (and humidity) of that environment matters. Consider storing jewelry in a cool, dry, and temperature-controlled environment, and avoid high moisture and sunlight. Moisture and can cause certain jewelry to tarnish, and sunlight can cause discoloration.

Protect Your Jewelry with Insurance

The best way to protect your jewelry collection from being damaged, stolen, or lost is to get proper insurance coverage, and the independent insurance agents at The Feingold Companies can help. Our Massachusetts agents can help you request quotes for jewelry insurance policies from multiple insurers, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select the best available policy.