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What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscapers invest a great deal of both financial resources and hard work invested in their businesses, and their investments should be protected. Without adequate insurance, everything that’s been poured into a business could be lost in a single incident. Landscaping insurance policies help landscapers in Worcester, MA protect everything they’ve poured into their businesses.

Landscaping insurance policies are a form of commercial insurance that’s specifically designed for businesses in the landscaping and lawn care industries. Most policies offer a combination of coverages that work together to provide robust protections against many of the potential risks that landscapers face.

What Coverages Are Available Through Lawn Care Insurance Policies?

Landscapers are generally able to adjust the coverages in their lawn care insurance policies to meet their business’ particular needs. Thus, there’s not one set of coverages that every policy will contain.

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Nevertheless, there are some coverages that many policies contain. The following coverages are commonly found in landscaping policies as either standard or optional protections:

Do Lawn Care Policies Provide Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most lawn care policies don’t provide workers compensation insurance. Landscapers that need this coverage (which is usually any landscaping business that has employees) normally have to purchase a separate workers compensation policy.

What Businesses in Worcester, MA is Lawn Care Insurance Right For?

Most landscaping and lawn care businesses in Worcester, MA can benefit from having lawn care insurance. This includes every business from sole proprietors that only mow lawns nearby to companies that offer full-scale commercial landscaping solutions statewide. Without insurance, a business may be dangerously exposed to potential risks regardless of the business’ size.

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Can Snow Plow Insurance Be Combined with Lawn Care Insurance?

Insurance companies recognize that many landscaping and lawn care companies in Worcester, MA provide snow plowing services during the winter months. For this reason, insurers often make it easy to combine snow plow and lawn care coverage into one policy.

Businesses that offer both snow plowing and landscaping services often find that purchase a combined policy is more affordable than getting two separate policies.

Can Landscapers Cancel Their Insurance During the Off Months?

Landscaping companies that don’t offer snow plowing or other services during the winter may technically be able to cancel their lawn care policy when they shut down for the off-season. This practice, however, usually isn’t advisable.

Without an active insurance policy, a business may have no recourse if equipment is damaged while in storage. Additionally, the gap in coverage may lead to increased premiums in the future. In some cases, the increased premiums will cost more than anything that’s saved by not paying premiums during the off-months.

Instead, businesses are often better off reducing — but not canceling — their coverage if they shut down operations for the winter. This method usually provides premium savings during the off-season without creating a coverage gap that could cause rates to go up in the future. (It’s important to re-adjust coverages when work resumes in the spring.)

How Can Landscapers Get Quotes for Landscaping Insurance?

For help finding a landscaping insurance policy, landscapers in Worcester, MA should contact an independent insurance agent at The Feingold Companies. Our independent agents can help with both requesting and comparing quotes for different landscaping policies.

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